IASOBETIC is a Disruptive Innovation for Cellular Repair (Wound Healing) in diabetic people, which has been developed from 100% natural molecules and it is set to start the process to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Safe Use Medicine under medical prescription, so that it can be available in pharmacies at accessible prices for all diabetic people and to help preventing diabetic amputations.

  • In this website you will be able to see different Case Studies, treated with extraordinary success, in cases of serious injuries on diabetic people as well as in severe cases of injuries in non-diabetic people. The latter has been possible because the knowledge acquired has also allowed having a very important understanding of the natural processes of Cellular Repair (Wound Healing) for non-diabetic people, which is why a specific formula for these needs will equally be launched to the market at accessible prices.


    For Wise Water Technology Corp, only those who dream can build realities and our dream is to help preventing diabetic amputations, thus helping diabetic people to heal their wounds and ulcers, by using 100% natural molecules.


    Wise Water Technology

    Corp has found that one of the main problems that must be addressed in the Cellular Repair Processes (Wound Healing), for diabetic and non-diabetic people, is the adequate cleaning, handling, washing and cleanliness of the wounds and the correct application of the treatment prescribed by the treating specialist, since without which, it will not be possible to obtain the maximum benefit the formula can give.

    The orientation and care of the treating specialist is irreplaceable